stay slim with bibimbap – korean rice salad recipe

take notes.  did you try the braised kalbi recipe?  here’s a dish using the braised kalbi beef roast, a classic korean “one-bowl” bibimbap (literal translation, “mixed rice”) that not only looks impressive, but is fresh, healthy AND will satisfy all your sweet, salty, tangy and savory cravings.  so dig in.

Toppings (you can use your imagination for whatever it may be…paying attention to pick something that’s colorful and contrasting in taste and flavor but my faves are):

– Braised kalbi beef (shredded or chopped)

– Julienned persian cucumber

– Chiffonade of basil or other herbs readily available (cilantro, parsley, korean perilla leaves, etc)

– Eggs (separated and cooking whites/yolks separately in a non-stick pan over medium heat and flipping gently…and then slicing thin into impressive looking julienned eggs)

– Kelly’s famous radish and carrot slaw (see below)

– Kelly’s hotdiggity dog korean red pepper “achoo!” kochu dressing (see below)

– Roasted sesame oil

– Cooked rice (I make my own rice “medley” by combining equal parts of white, brown and sweet rice. Not only healthier (more fiber, nutrition, easier to digest) but also much flavorful)

How to:

This is the easiest part – pure assembly/plating.

1. Place a large dollop of cooked rice (about 1/2 cup) at the bottom of a large bowl.

2. Assemble toppings in contrasting colors, setting them against each other will showcase each topping’s color and texture…hitting the visual cues of an appetizing meal.

3. Drizzle your hotdiggity dog korean red pepper “achoo!” kochu dressing and sesame oil on top.

4. Action!  Mix it all together (like a Chipotle burrito bowl), take a big spoon, and ENJOY!

(Kochu-jang is a fermented Korean red pepper paste found in the infamous red plastic square container found at any korean grocery stores).

About chefkelly

Leveraging a lifelong passion for food and combining a unique cultural mesh of korean cuisine, robust flavors of Texas BBQ and California cuisine, Chef Kelly brings her own signature style to delectable perfect bites exploring complex and often surprising interplay of flavors, textures and colors. She has honed and shared her craft through her experiences from five star restaurant kitchens to private cooking instruction to her self-written food blog at all made with 2 tablespoons of love; love for food, love for life.
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2 Responses to stay slim with bibimbap – korean rice salad recipe

  1. Sue Paine says:

    Chef Kelly, you have created quite a frenzy in our office lately with your chocolate chip cookie/scones!! This last batch only lasted a day and a half!! We love them and hope to have them as part of the 5 food groups of people eating on the go! Thank you for making our day! YUMMMY!! Can’t wait to try some of your incredible reciepes on your site. Best to you!!


    Sue Paine

    • chefkelly says:

      Glad you loved them! I think I created a monster as I can’t stop eating them myself. I have this goal of perfecting that recipe but until then – I’ll share them with Mike who’ll share with other chocolate cookie/scone addicts such as myself:)

      You’ll have to let us know the next time you rock out – would love to hear you sing:) Woohoo, Sue Paine, the singer @

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