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cupcakes with plums

cupcakes w plums Originally uploaded by kelpunk Tried using cherrybrook kitchen’s non-dairy box mix over the weekend. Bit gummy but still very tasty. The watermelon plums from the farmers market were perfect that i sliced them super-thin and topped the … Continue reading

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Fruit? or Sushi? (Please comment & let me know what you think…)

  So, Mike and I’ve been toying with this “fruit sushi” idea…that especially with the sun-kissed summer fruit from the farmers market, that some of these fruit really deserve to take center-stage.  After picking out the best-of-the-best fruits at the … Continue reading

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Spring Rolls, Summer Rolls or "Mixed Salad Rolled" to-go? Vietnamese spring rolls recipe

It’s been a freakin’ HOT summer.  Who wants to cook under the heat in this weather?  Below is a recipe for a very tasty, Chef Kelly’s version of the Spring Rolls.  Some people may also refer to it as Summer Rolls, … Continue reading

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Thumbs Waaay down – Ricera rice yogurt from Whole Foods

Ricera rice yogurt http://www.ricerafoods.com/ Are they kidding me?  Did they actually taste it before they decided to market and sell this stuff?  In my search of non-dairy yogurt, I thought I’d try this rice yogurt made with organic brown rice.  … Continue reading

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