Hatch chili eggplant caponata~~~

It’s hatch chili time!  love me some hatch chili recipes now – so bring ’em ON!

I bought a whole box of roasted hatch chili last week from Bristol Farms, put Mike to work and with two of us, spent a few hours painstakingly taking off all the skins before vacuuming packing and freezing it to enjoy throughout the year. Ping me if you want some!  I’m will to share the wealth.

A quick and easy meatless Wednesday meal – a hatch chili eggplant caponata-esk lasagna minus the cheese.  With fresh summer vegetables with exponential taste, you really need a little else to make it pop.

What’s in it:

1 Italian eggplant (peel skin, sliced thick ~1/2 inch, tossed with salt and olive oil)

6 small sweet peppers sliced lengthwise (these have NO heat and they’re so awesome with all their beautiful colors.  And you know that you’re doing your body good by eating all these colorful vegetables) and again tossed in salt/olive oil

1 small onion (sliced thinly)

1 pint cherry tomatoes (drizzle heavy with olive oil, oregano and basil – roast at 325 for 1 1/2 hours – great to just have around in the fridge and make vinaigrette, pasta sauces etc)

about 7-10 roasted hatch chili (de-seeds)

1 bunch tuscan kale (leaves torn off – no ribs please).  Steamed for 3 min until the green color pops

What to do:

1) Grill eggplant, sweet peppers and onion over high heat (I used our gas bbq grill and a vegetable basket to prevent peppers/onion from losing them down the grate) until starts to blister/skin turns brown.

2) In a 9×9 casserole pan, layer them as you’d lasagna.  I put eggplant at the bottom followed by sweet pepper/onion mix, hatch chili, layer of kale and REPEAT until you run out of ingredients.

3) Drizzle the roasted tomatoes at top including all the olive oil leftover, roast at 350 in the oven for 1 hr and let it do its magic.

4) You can serve it cold or warm, doesn’t matter.  It’s that good!

happy summer~~

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