blue duck tavern in DC – what’s your last meal on this earth?

discovered a couple years ago while visiting Washington, DC – Blue Duck Tavern is by far one of the best restaurants that i’ve been to.  doesn’t hurt that Obama apparently frequents here but you may not necessarily know that by the unpretentious and oh-so-foodie’s fantasy kitchen come true outfit that Blue Duck Tavern is.

in fact – the last time i was there, i got there early and asked if i could look around at the restaurant and take some pictures for my blog.  everyone was such the hostess from the GM to PR to executive chef.  i got the peeks into the kitchen, saw the team doing their tasting for some new creations to come out, all while enjoying a very original rhubarb cucumber martini.

using highest quality local ingredients, the restaurant pays homage to wholesome comfort food at its best; not the usual steak and potatoes kind of a way but at a level little higher, little more complicated that have you scratching your head going – “how did they do that?”  “what’s in that”?

blue duck certainly is among the last meals i’d like to have before i die – here’s to the courses for the nite.  my only regret?  i didn’t even make a dint on those duck fat fries…still haunting me…to start:

crispy pork terrine sunny up egg, elixir vinegar

according to the executive chef, this dish is one of his favorite and one that literally takes two days to make including making a head cheese, doing magic to it to get it all tender and gooey and then deep frying it til it gets nice and crunchy outside and complex and velvety inside.  and the egg!  served with a little arugula salad to cut the richness.  need i say more?

to entree:

venison loin, kumquat preserve and torpedo shallot

sous vide to utter tenderness – with acidity from kumquats

served with famous duck fat fries & white asparagus compliments from the kitchen.  (i still long for their mac-n-cheese though…with duck confit, of course.  oh-blue-duck – please bring the macncheese back!)

stuffed – i felt like i’ve died and gone to heaven:)  See my first review here on Yelp – see?  It’s good enough to be the last meal.

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