sushi lesson for kids – great birthday party activity idea!

Had a blast at friend’s daughter’s 10th birthday party last week.  Happy Birthday, Hannah!  Did you have a great time?

Japanese-themed party with 20+ ten year old girls screaming and running around!  What energy they have~  One of the activities was a lesson in sushi making and of course, I got volunteered to teach.  With 5-6 girls on a round table, each Harajuku cutie was set with a bamboo mat to make their own sushi to their liking.  Few had yet developed their taste buds and preferred a bland “cucumber or carrot only”, while others ventured out to make something crazy, like spicy tuna + california + sprouts.  Some of the rolls were ultra skinny, like cigars almost, while others were bustin’ out like burritos.  All had a great time making sushi rolls with their little hands.  Much shout-out to Philip Press (THE platinumsmith in LA) & Linda Press (of CorpCommunicators and THE boutique PR Firm in LA) for hosting the fun party~!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Chef Kelly,

    Thanks for helping to make my party so much fun! My friends loved that sushi making and everyone was talking about it at school and in our neighborhood. Spicy tuna was my favorite.


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