Starbucks free pastry day~ They're trying to make me fat:(

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Starbucks free pastry day, today until 10:30 am only.

So this morning, after having a healthy debate w/ the barista around whether the reduced fat turkey sandwich qualifies as a free pastry – (when in doubt – read the fine print)…I lost:( 

So with hubby and I, decided to get both the sandi and a cinnamon roll and split it.  Now – I realize that Starbucks is trying to drum up more business, get publicity and sell more food along with coffee and all in good intention but I’ve decided that they just want to get you fat.  There really isn’t much healthy alternatives out there. 

Hate to be a groove crusher, but upon looking at nutrition values at plate , here’s the verdict.

Cinnamon roll (~ 2.5 inch square) – 350 calories, 20g fat (31% of calories in fat), and 38g of carbs of which 20g are sugar. It was really tasty, gooey-sweet goodness, but that’s a lot of fat! and calories!

Reduced fat turkey sandwich – also 350 calories, 10g fat, and holy-cow 41g of carbs.  A plus?  20g of protein.

I know, I know – I decide what to eat…I’ve decided that Starbucks is definitely more of an occasional treat then breakfast every day for me.  You never really know what’s in the processed food that’s out there.  It’s all about balance, mixing some healthy with the decadence, kinda like life:) 

Happy Tuesday~

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