Simple and easy decadent breakfast sandwich recipe – Croque California

What is it about white bread?  The bad-rep’d Wonderbread kind, that calls your name now and then, no matter how much you try to disconnect any association with this fluffy, squishy refined white flour DSC_0066invention?  Maybe it’s nostalgia growing up with this stuff, an interactive goodness that’s synonymous with pb&j, ham & cheese and all else childhood memories, kind like mac-n-cheese?  And since grocery stores carry only one size (LARGE), and I used just two slices for the meatloaf earlier this week, I was left with a whole loaf calling my name.

My mom used to make these buttered toasts with sprinkles of sugar – very healthy, I know.  And Mike remembered eating some kind of an unforgettable white-bread-with-egg sandwich from a street vendor in Korea, so on my first day of the long Labor Day weekend, I decided to make my version that I’ll call Croque California inspired by Croque Monsieur/Madame. 

It’s simply this.  (Serves 2)

1. Two slices of Wonderbread toasted golden brown using a fry pan (I used Earth Balance vegan buttery sticks – which I swear, it tastes and toasts just like the real thing) sprinkled with some evaporated cane juice.  This will provide a subtle additional sweet “crunch” or “croque” to your toast. 

2. Two beaten eggs with sprinkle of salt, evap cane juice and 2 tsp. of soy creamer.  This will get it super fluffy as you scramble it.

3. Assemble toast, egg, avocado slices, fold like a taco, and mangé!  bon appetit!

(I’m justifying this one because it has the healthy goodness of avocado – with its good monosaturated fat (good 4 heart/lower cholestrol) , protein (muscle), potassium and VitE (skin)).

Have a wonderful, long, labor-day weekend.



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