The sun will rise soon again in Japan – Green Day to share with the ones you love

I can only imagine all the sadness and turmoil experienced by the Japan earthquake, tsunami and now the scares of the nuclear plant catastrophe.  I’m also in awe by the calm and collectedness of the Japanese people uniting in a time of need.  The faces of the survivors and what they’re going through – I wish there was something more that I could do to help and make it all better.  What a crazy set of disasters – it’s at these times that you are reminded of what’s important, what’s not, and how sometimes nature has a way of setting things straight.  And bit sad that it takes such a tragic event to bring people together.

Being on the west coast, with constant alarming headlines of nuclear radiation danger – I can’t help but feel helpless.  On the net, on TV and radio – videos, interviews, pictures – it’s just unbelievable how bad it is.  And sometimes you just want to turn it off and look the other way.  Crawl into a ball and just cozy up with the ones you love sharing some comfort food along the way.

Japan, the land of the rising sun, with the tenacity and the goodness of the people – the sun will rise again soon.  Even as the world continues to turn, sun rising and setting, I would guess that tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day will be somewhat subdued.  Inspired by friend, Kim’s post – Hot Chocolate in sharing all things warm and fuzzy that connects us – here are some Green Day dishes to share some happiness, to your body and with those whom you love.  No pinching, no drinking green beer til you pass out, just some flavorful healthy food, continued on the theme of Meatless Monday and Meatless Wednesday.

Challenged by British pubs’ bubble and squeaks – this is the ultimate comfort food that you actually feel good about eating (first left pic)

Asian bubble and squeaks –

Boil sweet potatoes & carrots until soft.  Sautee finely minced onion and garlic in olive oil.  Smash vegetable mixture with the onion mixture.  Pan fry the mixture on a non-stick pan or skillet along with brussel sprouts and shiitaki mushroom.  Serve with lemon juice/garlic/cumin yogurt dollop.

5 other GREEN DAY St. Patrick’s Day dishes (left to right):

Warm swiss chard salad with shoyu, olive oil and lemon juice.

Korean cucumber salad – salted English cucumber, baby carrots, garlic, Korean red pepper flakes, evaporated cane juice and roasted sesame seeds.

Sauteed sugar snap peas – blanched sugar snap peas, sautéed in garlic, ginger, salt and Aleppo pepper.

Japanese gobo (burdock roots) – sautéed gobo, ginger, garlic, shoyu and agave syrup.

Warm purple broccoli salad – sauteed purple broccoli with garlic, roasted beets, kumquat, walnuts and meyer lemon dressing.

Tossed edamame – cooked edamame tossed with fresh cumin, sesame seeds, Aleppo pepper and light shoyu.

With two tablespoons of love,


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