Food pix from around the world

Longing for vacation to some exotic place far far away РI was looking at some old pix Рof what else, FOOD!  Below are some pix from my favs in the world~

Left to right…

Duck Fat fries from Blue Duck – DC

Apple tarte in Paris

Duck confit in Paris

Steak frite at Les Halles – NYC

Little summer refresher at the Parker – Palm Springs

Pork belly buns at (David Chang’s) Ssam Bar – NYC

Soup dumplings – Beijing

Little dumpling stall – Beijing

Peking duck place – Beijing

About chefkelly

Leveraging a lifelong passion for food and combining a unique cultural mesh of korean cuisine, robust flavors of Texas BBQ and California cuisine, Chef Kelly brings her own signature style to delectable perfect bites exploring complex and often surprising interplay of flavors, textures and colors. She has honed and shared her craft through her experiences from five star restaurant kitchens to private cooking instruction to her self-written food blog at all made with 2 tablespoons of love; love for food, love for life.
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One Response to Food pix from around the world

  1. Mike Kim says:

    Mmmmm…Blue Duck Tavern!! Mmmmmm…pork belly!!

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