Converting oatmeal haters with quick-n-easy Irish steel-cut oatmeal recipe

Irish steel-cut oatmeal

Irish steel-cut oatmeal

Mmm..aahhh~  It’s starting to smell like fall.  No leaves changing color here in SoCal but definitely feeling the chilly mornings and nights and with Halloween around the corner, it’s definitely fall. 

And what better way to start your morning than warm & hearty Irish steel-cut oatmeal?  Psshaw!  Who wants mushy, slimy, tasteless porridge for breakfast?  Then you haven’t had Irish steel-cut oatmeal yet!  Minimally processed with just the removal of the outer inedible husk and steel-cutting the oats into bigger pieces, not only is it WAAY more nutritious (than the rolled flat quick cook/instant ones) but it’s gluten-free,  full of fiber amd best of all has a nutty, chewy taste that doesn’t even compare with the boxed kinds. 

Ok – maybe you’re convinced but who’s got the time ?  After all – it takes a good 25-30 min just to cook it. 

Here’s a recipe that makes your oatmeal while you get your beauty sleep.  Not kidding.

Slow-cooked Irish steel-cut oatmeal recipe

Serves two (your honey & you or just awesome you for two breakfasts)

1/3 cup Irish steel-cut oatmeal (buy organic bulk from your local Whole Foods or McCanns is nice too – and so many uses for the awesome tin)

1 2/3 cup filtered water

1 pinch kosher salt

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp dried raisins (I like white ones as it seems to have less sugar content)


Fruit (what’s in season?  bananas, strawberries, peaches, whatever~)

1 tsp ground flax seeds/serving

Roasted slivered almonds

Maple syrup or Agave syrup


Make – 2 steps, really!

1. Purchase a small slow-cooker with warm setting option available (I got mine from Target for ~$8 bucks).  It’s more than paid for itself.

2. Right before bedtime (usually ~10:30-11pm), pour oatmeal, water and pinch of salt.  Turn on slow-cooker to WARM.

3. Sweet dreams~ go to sleep.  This oatmeal is very low-maintenance with NO stirring needed.  Have window of cooking time of~7-8 hrs.  If it sticks a little around the sides, no problem.  Let it soak and the crock pot is like brand new again.  

4. Rise and Shine:)!  Turn off slow cooker, add brown sugar and raisins, stir and leave it.  The raisins will soak up some liquid and get all soft & plump, the brown sugar will meld nicely with the oatmeal.

[ Do your getting-ready-in-the-morning thing, start coffee/tea,  and make yourself a nice irish steel-cut oatmeal bowl, adding  your toppins of fruit, flax seeds, almonds and syrup.  Add your milk (organic soy milk if you have), stir the goodness and enjoy~]

Made with two tablespoons of love; love for food, love for life.  Stay warm and cozy!


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