Chicken or the egg? What to eat when you’re feeling sick… Tamago Mari & Chicken Soup

Been celebrating, post-detox and our wedding anniversary – whatever excuses to dine out at new places, many of which were just plain awesome~  Most of which I’ve reviewed on Yelp including Lucques, Osteria Mozza, Il Pastaio and around the other side, Break of Dawn in Laguna Niguel, Din Tai Fung in Arcadia and Honey Kettle Chicken in Culver City.  And now I’m sick:(  But what is it about cooking that makes you feel better, even only for a little while?  Comfort food of tamago mari with roasted kabocha squash or chicken soup with lime juice, cilantro, jalapeno and avocado – a la Mexican flair~  Hope to get better soon.  Lots of VitC and fluids.  With school starting for most, don’t know how much germs will be spread this winter, H1N1-style…

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Leveraging a lifelong passion for food and combining a unique cultural mesh of korean cuisine, robust flavors of Texas BBQ and California cuisine, Chef Kelly brings her own signature style to delectable perfect bites exploring complex and often surprising interplay of flavors, textures and colors. She has honed and shared her craft through her experiences from five star restaurant kitchens to private cooking instruction to her self-written food blog at all made with 2 tablespoons of love; love for food, love for life.
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