Brunch throw-down by Mike's Mom…

I think Mike’s mom was inspired to cook us something “WOW” since my first brunch with Happy Veggie couple weekends ago that she treated to a 3-course brunch at her house today.

First – eggs benedict (poached Jack Pepin’s way, with little bit of oil on a fry pan then steamed with the heat off), asparagus and sweet sweet carrots cooked til just tender, drizzled with wasabi veganaise “hollandaise” sauce

Secondi – feta cheese, tomato and herbs pizza with cornmeal dough.  It was pretty good!  and come to find out it’s all natural with no preservatives…and conveniently boxed by Trader Joe’s.  The best part?  No carb crashing since it doesn’t have flour.  Though the crust looked bit thick, it has a crunchy flakey texture.  I hear they also sell just the crust which is awesome for any creative pizza parties – I’m thinking goat cheese, artichokes, tomatoes, basil, onions, mushroom, and ooohh!  basil pesto, the list goes on.

Dessert – Most awesome sweet in-season plums and apricots tossed in little lemon juice and chopped mint.  Ymmmm~

Going to try making some quinoa cereal now, in prep for this upcoming Sunday’s brunch!

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