Confession – decadent pork confit consumed at Joe's in Venice this w/e…and LOVED it!

Once or twice in a while – I fall off the wagon of eating “good” and be bad.  This past weekend was one of those, esp. with Mike being gone.  Jeff, our close restauranteur-friend, had been raving about Joe’s so I had to try it out.  Food always taste better when u eat it with someone, but it was nice to have some alone time too.  So, I brought my Moleskine notebook of fruit sushi ideas, sat lonesome at their patio, and ordered from their brunch menu, the pork confit with bacon tomato jam (ok – maybe it’s little LA but u get the picture).  It came with a side of oozy sunny-side eggs over the softest marshmallow pillowtop buttery brioche (can u say cholesterol?)  It was pretty heavenly albeit I did feel a little guilty afterwards.  But you know what?  Along with the oozy sunny-side eggs and pork confit, the creative juices were flowing and gave me the inspiration to make the beautiful fruit sushi the next day:)  Check out my review on Yelp –

Off to some detox’ing now…been postponing the annual detox from Dr. Schulze.  Yay!  5 days of cleansing and drinking lots of liquid, 3 of which are no solid foods.  In a weird kinda way, I AM looking forward to it:)

pork confit with bacon tomato jam & eggs

pork confit with bacon tomato jam & eggs

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