Brunch #2 was a success! (despite coming >< (this) close to cutting my finger)

Was a smaller turnout but was definitely easier the second time around. Quinoa roasted perfectly, and even “anti-veggie” friends commented on how yummy the quinoa was – maybe I can convert him to eat healthier now and then??! (sorry – no pix on the quinoa – Mike forgot in midst of helping out with everything). As usual, the ck benedict (ck=chef kelly, hehee. how creative, huh?) was a popular item. This time served with a side of poached asparagus and carrots from the Farmers Market. Tofu scramble was also tasty with the sauteed leeks, artichokes and tomatoes (sshhh – I totally forgot about the marinated mushroom dollop that was supposed to go on top. dang~ I had it all ready and in the rush of it, totally forgot about it! Next time…it’d be even better). The finale, the farmers market fruit cup (had the idea of putting it on a tower at the last minute) – and it came out beeeeautiful! And so fresh and sweet, the meyer lemon juice/zest with chopped mint was an awesome way to end a meal.

Thanks to everyone who could make it, including Irma and Carol who trekked all the way from Aliso and my mom from Van Nuys! Eat tasty and healthy this week when you can and be back for more chef kelly’s dishes:) Have a great week~

made with two tablespoons of love; love for food, love for life

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Leveraging a lifelong passion for food and combining a unique cultural mesh of korean cuisine, robust flavors of Texas BBQ and California cuisine, Chef Kelly brings her own signature style to delectable perfect bites exploring complex and often surprising interplay of flavors, textures and colors. She has honed and shared her craft through her experiences from five star restaurant kitchens to private cooking instruction to her self-written food blog at all made with 2 tablespoons of love; love for food, love for life.
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